Create a link to a webform with required authentication

Webforms with required authentication are made in a separate site, If a form in that site should require authentication, follow these steps:

  1. log into
  2. from Find Content ->Webforms (tab at top), locate the form on which you wish to enforce authentication.
  3. Click on Components to the right of the form name
  4. Select Form Settings from the top right of the window
  5. Under Submission access, make sure only "authenticated user" is chosen and Save

To format a link to send to a student

This link will take them directly to a WUSTL Key authentication window that will then land them on the IDT form after they enter their WUSTL Key. If they follow this link when they are already authenticated with WUSTL Key in another service (such as WebStac or Box), they will go directly to the form.


If you want to use this on different forms in future, you’ll just need to change the node/number at the end: