Meta Tags


- All pages will default to a specified token, so if you don't manually add a page title, description, canonical url, or shortlink, it will auto-generate those for you, which is great and I would recommend for a site this size to keep things consistent.

- You can browse available tokens to see what the default currently is and if you’d like to change it OR you can add it manually. For example, right now [node:title] | [site:name] is the default token that is used for page titles. This displays in the title bar of the browser. It may also be used by search engines when it shows up in search results. So, for example. the megasite homepage would be Home | Washington University in St. Louis Arts & Sciences (or whatever the site has been named.)

- The 'abstract' field is not understood by Google as a valid metatag whereas the description is, so it is not necessary to fill this in.

- Keywords - a lot of search engines no longer use this, but it doesn’t hurt to have them. I would recommend keeping these in line with the categories and tags that you use throughout the site.


- Robots - You can prevent search engines from following certain pages and links here. The only thing I can think of using this for at the moment is content types that don’t have their own page, such as individual academic calendar events, authors, and testimonials.

- For all other fields in this section, it is up to you whether or not it's a priority to create keywords for Google News, intended audiences, etc. And pretty much all of those have explanations of their use, so it should be easy to figure what is important for you and what is not.

Open Graph

- These control how Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc interpret the site's content. I would recommend completing this section (at least for articles) to optimize social sharing.


- This is specifically for API use - which most sites don't need, including the megasite, as far as I know.


- If Google+ sharing is important to your audience, then you might want to optimize this section. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about this since there are specified tokens in place by default.