WYSIWYG - Text Styles/Formatting

We strongly recommend not copy/pasting formatted text in from a Word or Office document.  There is no guarantee that the formatting will copy over correctly.

Instead, the preferred method is to first clear out any formatting a text has (copying into a plaintext editor, such as Notepad++, and re-copying is the suggested method), paste it in the WYSIWYG, and apply any styles needed using the WYSIWYG editor.

Some examples of styles appear below:

  • The editor is equipped with options for bold text and italicized text.
  • It can, as you can see, create bulleted lists.
  1. Numbered lists are also possible.

Left-aligned text,

centered text,

and right-aligned text are all supported.

In fact, the WYSIWYG can even handle block quotes.

Or horizontal lines.

There are several other articles on this site on how to create links and embed images.  You are encouraged to play with this until you are comfortable with it.