Multipurpose Page

A multipurpose page is made up of 18 optional sections. Each section has a unique layout and set of features. A section will only display if content is entered into it, making the multipurpose page very flexible.

The eighteen sections are listed below in the order in which they display in a page. Though the template is flexible in that each section is optional, the sections are not moveable. They always display in the order shown here.

To browse the many display options, see our photo album of multipurpose page sections.

Multipurpose Page - Content

The content region has a title and a content area.  The content area has a WYSIWYG, so you can add photos or videos.  You can choose a grey or white background color and if you want one or two columns (leaving the setting to None defaults to two).

Multipurpose Page - Gallery

The gallery region has a WYSIWYG area for intro text and a title. Each image has options for an image title, image lightbox title, and an image lightbox description. The optional image title appears in white over the image.

Multipurpose Page - Testimonials

This section is for testimonials. It displays a picture on the left and quote on the right. Available testimonial content can be selected from a list.  Select exactly one testimonial.

Multipurpose Page - Footer Callout

This region has a WYSIWYG main content section. You can choose between a grey or white background. The grey background has an ampersand watermark. You can also add social media links and a button with text.