Corey Westfall

Corey Westfall

Graduate Student- Biochemistry Program, USDA-NIFA Predoctoral Fellow, Olin Biomedical Fellow, 2009-2014
• Keck Postdoctoral Fellow & Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, Levin Lab, Washington University

Sherp AM, Westfall CS, Alvarez S, Jez JM (2018) Arabidopsis thaliana GH3.15 acyl acid amido synthetase has a highly specific substrate preference for the auxin precursor indole-3-butyric acid.  J Biol Chem (in press)

Damodarn S, Westfall CS, Kisely BA, Jez JM, Subramanian S (2017) Nodule-enriched Gretchen Hagen 3 enzymes have distinct substrate specificities and are important for proper nodule development.  Int J Mol Sci 18, 2547

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