Directions to the Lab


If you are taking MetroLink:
Get off the train at the Skinker Station. Exit the station, and if you find yourself on the North side of Forest Park Parkway, cross the street, so that you end up on the South-West corner of the intersection of Forest Park and Skinker,  facing the large Wash U parking lot. Head across the parking lot, towards Brookings Hall (No. 13 on the campus map).  Go up the stairs to Brookings, and through the arch-covered walkway that brings you out into the Brookings Quadrangle. Head across the quad, following the path that angles slightly to the left, and walk between January Hall (on your left) and Ridgely Hall (on your right). Continue to walk past Wilson Hall ( Building No. 105 on the Campus map). Go down the steps to your left, to the entry doors to Monsanto Lab (No. 64 on the map). 

If you are driving:
From Skinker & Clayton: Drive north on Skinker until you reach Forsyth. Turn left (west) on Forsyth. Turn right onto Hadley Way, soon after you pass the Biology Department Greenhouses on your left.  It will seem as if you are driving into a construction zone, but if you quickly turn right you will end up in a parking adjacent to Mallinckrodt Student Center ( No. 56 on PDF of Wash  map). Park at a meter, if you find one available.   Walk to the east, pass the green houses, keeping them on your left, towards Rebstock Hall (No. 81) and Monsanto lab (no. 67).  Enter Rebstock Hall, take the stairs to the third floor and turn right.  Walk down the hall until you reach the glass-enclosed walk way that connects Rebstock to Monsanto. Cross into Monsanto, turn left and head straight down the hall to Rooms 308 (the Kunkel Lab) or Rm 319 (Dr. Kunkel’s office). 

For a printable copy of Washington University, Danforth Campus click here.

For a general layout of the buildings that house the biology department click here.


Monsanto Lab
Danforth Campus
Washington University

The Kunkel Lab
308 Monsanto Lab

lab phone: 314 935 4728