November 18, 2008

London Consortium conference, "Take a Deep Breath"

Tate Modern Art Museum, London

In November 2008 I was invited to London for for the London Consortium conference, "Take a Deep Breath" at the Tate Modern where I performed the solo "December" and gave a talk titled: Respiration: Visible/Invisible
A performance and discussion of the experience of audience participation & induced collective, sympathetic breathing during a theatrical artistic dance.

It was a really increadible conference, with many exciting and invigorating presentations on the topic of human breathing from a wide variety of disciplines.  For my part, I got really useful feedback on my work, and learned that audience participation/perception interactive experiences can be profound for viewers.  I find that this active, perceptual viewer participation produces a more immediate, personal, and visceral involvement.  I am intrigued to continue creating more of this kind of work, mediating experiences of active witnessing.

July 11, 2016

Spontaneous Choreography Workshop 2016

Utah Repertory Dance Theatre

In summer '16 I was on faculty along with Danielle Agami of Ate9 Dance Company, for Repertory Dance Theatre Summer Intensive.