Residency Offerings

Following is a list of classes/workshops that I offer for guest residencies, masterclasses and workshops.  Each can be done as single, stand-alone classes, or expanded over a series of classes for more depth.

I have developed a coordinative movement technique I call "Quadruped," which applies principles of the Alexander Technique and the Dart Procedures to a low-level, "four-footed" dance style that refines whole bodymind, integrally coordinated strength and dynamic movement skills.

I teach various improv forms, including contact improvisation.  I perform improvisation as a concert form, so I teach and/or demonstrate  what I prefer to call "spontaneous composition.”

Alexander Technique 
I am an AmSAT certified teacher of the work and can do various presentations/classes on this.  I am also interested in sharing how the language I use to direct/correct students has changed from this point of view (see "Speaking of Dance" below).

Experiential investigations 
These are guided perceptual experiences toward shifted states of awareness.  It is my feeling that dance, in addition to being a visual art to see and a form of expression/communication, is also an incredible way to meditate, to experience/know yourself and the environment.  When we move-think differently, we experience Self and “the world” in ways that can expand our meaning of "reality,” illuminating the nature of the self/not-self boundary.  For the performing dancer, I find these experiences develop sensitivity, awareness and presence.

Vision and Motion Workshop
A technique for the dancer’s visual focus that helps them to improve movement quality, clarity, and weight.  This method examines visual perception and offers a set of “focal modalities,” or visual choices that best take advantage of our physiology to coordinate our movement.

Technique Topic focus classes 
Adressing a technical concept, like "control," "balance," "line/design" or "strategies for learning movement" (many possibilities here depending on what is interesting, relevant in your other classes).

Speaking of Dance: The Language of Teaching
A workshop forum for all teachers and those interested in teaching dance to share, compare and re-investigate how we speak of dancing and how our language, spoken or thought affects movement. I introduce the subject from the perspective of the Alexander Technique and its approach to proper alignment and optimal coordination of movement.  Open to teachers of any style or genre of dance training.

I perform conventional, theatrical dances, and I also do naturally situated movement performances.  In particular, I have developed tree-climbing as a performance form.
I have several lectures, on topics such as touch deprivation in American culture, Phenomenological approach to dancing, and Movement as a form of thought.

July 11, 2016

Spontaneous Choreography Workshop 2016

Utah Repertory Dance Theatre

In summer '16 I was on faculty along with Danielle Agami of Ate9 Dance Company, for Repertory Dance Theatre Summer Intensive.