Registration & Course Information

Spring 2018

Registration for MedPrep I opens on WebStac according to the following schedule:

November 10: Undergraduates in the graduation class of 2018
November 13: Undergraduates in the graduation class of 2019
November 14: Undergraduates in the graduation class of 2020
November 15: Undergraduates in the graduation class of 2021

First class:
 Wednesday, January 17
Last class: Wednesday, April 25
Class meets: Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00 pm
Classroom location: Simon 1
Course credit: 1 Credit, Pass/Fail

Exam schedule: No exams
Class limit: 300 students


MedPrep I is open to all students. ALL students should register through WebStac. Students who are NOT full-time undergraduates of Washington University or who are enrolled in the University College Post-Bac Premed Program should register through the University College.