What Students Say...

"The best pre-med course offered at Wash U hands down."   


It was great!" "This was by far my favorite class at WashU so far...I learned so much about becoming a doctor that I have no idea how I could apply to medical school without this course. The pre-med committee should make it a required class."   More comments...

Note: Comments below include those for both MedPrep I and MedPrep II (including comments from when the two courses were combined).

"He explained nearly every single thing that was related to getting into medical school." 

"It was life-changing. Definitely my favorite course so far at WashU."  

"Pre-med students should be forced to take this class sophomore year - it's an inspirational class."  

"Most educational course I have taken at WU."  

"This course gave me access to a lot of information about the path to med school and beyond I wouldn't have found anywhere else."

"I took the course to help me decide if I was going to go the pre-med route or not and it helped me clarify my confusion and decide what to do...I looked forward to lecture every Wednesday and I would recommend this course to any student!"

"Great Course, Great Professor! Made me excited for my future!" 

"I liked how the course was honest - it really lived up to its description, and it made us (the students) THINK."

"It was amazing. This is the best possible class anywhere to give you an idea of what life as a physician will be like."

"MedPrep gives a comprehensive overlook as to what to expect if a student decides to go down the premed/med student path to become a physician. The course is very high yield, but is geared towards those who are serious about medicine and want to know what to expect than for those who are wavering in their decision of whether or not to become a physician. The first few lectures were helpful for those who were unsure, and afterwards lots of useful information was presented for those looking in the long term (into med school, residency, fellowships, and beyond). The medical path was also presented in a very down-to-earth fashion as promised, without any glorification or sugarcoating."

"As I am writing this summary paper, I'm still somewhat in shock over the finality of arguably the best class I've ever taken in my entire life." (comment from when MedPrep I and II were combined).

"I would recommend this class to all students at Washu, regardless of pre-med path."

"This is the best course I have ever taken."

"Guest lectures were well organized and extremely informative."

"Dr. Polites was the perfect instructor for a course like this. He brought in speakers who he knew we would listen to and want to hear from. Everything was relevant to the medical field and he made sure to cover a broad range of topics so that everyone would be engaged and happy during class. Although students sometimes had to do other work, he kept a positive attitude during class and each powerpoint presentation contained information that all of the pre-med students were actually curious about."

"I loved the shadowing aspect of this course, which I think is what draws most student towards the course initially. However, the amount of information that is gained from lecture is unbelievable!!! By far, I have learned more about medicine and its entire process than anything else I have been involved. "

"This is by far the best class that I have taken at WashU. When I started the course, I was planning on quitting pre-med, but I thought I would give medicine one more try. Now, I can't imagine my life if I'm not a doctor. I am in love with medicine and the hospital. I get a thrill out of being at the hospital and I love when the residents explain what is happening to me and I have found that I remember things that were told to me from week to week."

"Greg Polites is a cool, hip teacher. He helped me decide whether or not to continue pre-med."

"Dr. Polites seems to feed off of the success of his students, an individual truly dedicated to teaching and education...I appreciated his honesty and his advice is applicable, in addition, we are so lucky that he opens the doors of the hospital to the undergrads... thank you!"

"This course was super-educational, but even better than that, it was realistic. Attendance is 100%. Attitude is important. Presentation is important. It was so honest and up front, the instructor was honest and up front. There was no wishy-washy bullshit where you wonder why the hell you're there or what the hell you're expected to gain from the experience."

"Dr. Polites was awesome. It was really refreshing to see a doctor with such personality and joy for what he does. He made the class interesting everyday."

"Med Prep is hands-down the most beneficial, practical, and fun class I have taken at Wash. U. I can honestly say that I learned something in every single lecture (definitely a first), and the shadowing experiences were absolutely amazing. As a pre-med, I was extremely in the dark about many aspects of the medical school process and the life of a medical professional before taking this class, and now, I feel as though I am not completely unprepared in my choice to pursue medicine, even knowing that I probably won't sleep for the next ten years...I can't imagine not having taken this course, and, after filling out all the engineering school evals, I would definitely say this is the only class that has made me understand the importance of engaging in lifelong learning."

"I liked so many things about this course that they are hard to list. First of all, I cannot even express how thankful I am to have had an opportunity to see what doctors at one of the finest hospitals in the nation do on a daily basis. That was a priceless experience. I enjoyed the medical as well as social aspect of it and I learned so much from shadowing. I also really enjoyed the lectures. Each doctor that came in to speak was so clearly passionate about his or her job. I found their earnestness and hard work ethics so admirable."

"It provided a wealth of information regarding the road to becoming a physician, not only through the weekly lectures, but also through the bi-weekly shadowing shifts at Barnes."

"This was my favorite class that I have taken at Wash U. I absolutely loved it. Nothing teaches you about being a doctor better than actually speaking to them and spending time in the hospital. This is definitely a class that premed students should take."

"The honest answers and straight-forward information was incredibly helpful. The lectures covered interesting material and talked about a career in medicine like how it really is. The shadowing at Barnes Jewish was fun and informative. This class motivated me to continue towards my dream of becoming a doctor!"

"Dr. Polites is an incredible example of what a doctor should be. Has an amazing tendency to not think of himself and give students all that they need. Overall an amazing class with an amazing professor.

"This is one of the best classes i've taken at wash u. it should be a requirement for all pre-medical students. it is also nice getting credit for shadowing at the ED."

"Potentially the bestest class that I'll ever take during my 4 years of undergraduate time (yes I'm aware that bestest is not a word and -est redundant, but for a lack of vocabulary and 2am in the morning, it'll have to do)."

"This was an amazing and extremely helpful course. It should be a requirement for all pre-med students because it provides actual medical experience outside of anything that could be gained from a textbook."

"Best class I've taken at WashU, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about medicine even in the slightest."

"I loved how honest the professor was about everything with the medical process. I loved the insider tips and opportunities."

"Amazing insight, very useful to prepare for a career in medicine, both short term and long."

"What I liked the most about this course was that provides accurate information of every step of the process required to become a board-certified physician, prepares expectations and attitudes, and makes you think about what things are important to you in order to be successful and happy."

"I can't say enough positive things about this course; it certainly lived up to the hype. Dr. Polites is an extraordinary professor. Not only is he very passionate about what he does and dedicated to sharing that passion with others, but he is also incredibly caring and genuinely wants to see his students succeed." 

"I love that this course is designed so that it is solely attendance based. It took the ordinary pressure of grading off and thus allowed me to focus on just learning the material and doing some self-reflection on whether or not this was the correct career path for me. It really elucidated so many things about the profession for me."

"This is one of my favorite classes that I have taken at Wash U. Dr. Polites was very and appropriately humorous - sometimes I wish he would just set a day of lecture aside to just talk about himself and share more in depth about what he has gone through in his medical career. I really appreciate the concern and level with which he communicates to us. In fact, Dr. Polites is probably busier than most professors here at Wash U but still took the time to send our entire class thoughtful emails more than once..."

"Provided a great deal of information an the lifestyle of doctors and medical school admissions."

"Dr. Polites was incredibly helpful answering any questions we may have about the medical profession, medical school, and residency. He gave us lots of resources and made sure to tell us about any and all opportunities he was aware of to guide us on our pre-med journey."

"Dr. Polites is a fantastic teacher. He makes the class fun and answers any and all questions intelligently and fully."

"Dr. Polites gave us an excellent semester full of important and interesting information. He was always willing to answer questions, and though I never asked one, his lessons helped me narrow down the questions I have about becoming a doctor. The panel of med students on the last day of class was a perfect way to round out the course. I am looking forward to receiving the course lecture slides so I can look back through them."

"I hope that I can care for my students and posterity one day the way Dr. Polites does. He treats us a future colleagues and makes us feel important and encourages us that we CAN make it to professors of Medicine if that's our goal. He's a really caring, phenomenal man and teacher."