June 1, 2014

The Melin Lab represents at FameLab

Lab members' science communication efforts are rewarded

FameLab is a one-of-a-kind competition in science communication - a three-minute chance to explain your research, however complicated, to a general audience using no slides or media, but just the power of your words and any prop you can hold in your hands. FameLab was begun in 2005 in the United Kingdom, and went global in 2007 to over twenty countries. It finally made it to the US in 2012, in a unique partnership with NASA and National Geographic, among others.

Over a period of months, contestants compete regionally, until a representative for the entire United States is selected to attend the international competition in Cheltenham in the UK. In the spring of 2014, two members of the lab - Amanda Melin (the lab PI)  and Joe Orkin (our postdoctoral fellow)- participated in the FameLab regional heats held at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Melin discussed the evolution of primate color vision and was awarded the Wild Card nomination. 

Orkin described the use of Pinkerton, his scat-detecting dog, in the collection of genetic samples from cryptic gibbons in China. He was elected the winner of the regional heats and received the Audience Choice vote as well.

Both candidates later went to Washington DC for the national trials held in April, 2014. Lyl Tomlinson from SUNY Stony Brook won the national level. 


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