December 1, 2014

Many animals can still see color in the dead of night

By BBC Earth, December 1, 2014

Humans may only see the night in shades of grey, but many animals see the darkness in rich colour

By Caroline Williams

It's not easy to imagine how the world looks through another creature's eyes. After all, we only ever get to see it through our own. That is probably why most people, scientists included, assumed that other animals can only see in shades of grey in the dark.

But a growing number of species are proving us all wrong. From nocturnal geckoes to moths, lemurs and bats, animals of all shapes and sizes are turning out to have colour vision even in near-total darkness. Some researchers now think that colour vision at night might be quite common.


This piece was based on Dr. Melin's research on color vision and specifically, her article on why aye-ayes see blue

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