February 5, 2014

Microelectrode Arrays: A General Strategy for Using Oxidation Reactions to Site-selectively Modify Electrode Surfaces

Nguyen, Bichlien H.; Kesselring, David; Tesfu, Eden and Moeller, Kevin D

Langmuir, 201430(8), pp. 2280-2286

Oxidn. reactions are powerful tools for synthesis because they allow for the functionalization of mols.  Here, we present a general method for conducting these reactions on a microelectrode array in a site-​selective fashion.  The reactions are run as a competition between generation of a chem. oxidant at the electrodes in the array and redn. of the oxidant by a "confining agent" in the soln. above the array.  The "confining agent" does not need to be more reactive than the substrate fixed to the surface of the array.  In many cases, the same substrate placed on the surface of the array can also be used in soln. as the confining agent.