February 24, 2009

Building Addressable Libraries: Site-Selective Suzuki Reactions on Microelectrode Arrays

Libo Hu, Karl Maurer and Kevin D. Moeller

Org. Lett., 2009, 11 (6), pp 1273–1276

A site-selective Suzuki reaction has been developed for use on microelectrode arrays. The reaction conditions employed are similar to those used to achieve site-selective Heck reactions. The reaction can be run with either an aryliodide attached to the surface of the array and an arylboronic acid in solution or with an arylboronic acid attached to the surface of the array and an arylbromide in solution. Both allyl acetate and air are effective confining agents for the reaction. The reactions are compatible with arrays containing either 1024 microelectrodes cm-2 or 12,544 microelectrodes cm-2.