About the Olin Fellowship

The Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Fellowship for Women in Graduate Study was
founded in 1974 in honor of Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin, in collaboration with
the Monticello College Foundation. From a group of seven, the Olin Fellowship
Network has grown to encompass more than 380 women in medicine, social
sciences, humanities, engineering, natural sciences, business, and law. Some
chose the pursuit of knowledge as an educator, while others built companies
from the ground up to serve the greater good—the women supported by the
Olin Fellowship are citizen scholars, committed to the betterment of humanity.


Our Vision

To provide women with elite graduate preparation to serve and lead at the highest levels of society

Our Mission

• Recruit academically and artistically talented women for graduate study
• Provide exceptional resources to support scholarly and professional development opportunities
• Grow a network of fellows and alumnae that engage and support the vision of the fellowship

Our Values

Leadership: We embrace and encourage fellows to pursue opportunities that positively impact their
experiences and the experiences of others.
Service: We embrace a culture of service within the fellowship community that guides fellows to a lifetime
of contributions to society.
Integrity: We embrace the ethical sensibilities of the Midwestern value system, which includes honesty,
cooperation, and hard work.
Inclusion: We embrace the research that a community with different voices, perspectives, and people
contributes to creativity of thought and the learning environment.

Financial Terms

Olin Fellows receive full tuition remission for up to the length of study, provided they continue to make satisfactory academic progress.  They also receive a $600 travel award annually. Finally, as of 2018 all incoming Olin Fellows receive a competitive living stipend throughout the length of study ($32,160 in 2017-18 academic year).

Success by the Numbers 40 Years of Successful Women

Overview of Activities