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Goad, D.M., I. Baxter, E.A. Kellogg, and K.M. Olsen (2020). Hybridization, polyploidy and clonality influence geographic patterns of diversity and salt tolerance in the model halophyte seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum).  Molecular Ecology, in press.
Vigueira, C.C., P.A. Vigueira, K.M. Olsen, CR Wagner, and ZB Chittick (2020). Weedy rice from South Korea arose from two distinct de-domestication events. Frontiers in Agronomy, 2: 602612. DOI:10.3389/fagro.2020.602612  
Brock, J.R., T. Scott, A.Y. Lee, S.L. Mosyakin, and K.M. Olsen (2020). Interactions between genetics and environment shape Camelina seed oil composition. BMC Plant Biology, 20:423.  DOI:10.1186/s12870-020-02641-8
Waselkov, K.E., N.D. Regenold, R.C. Lum, and K.M. Olsen (2020). Agricultural adaptation of the native North American weed waterhemp, Amaranthus tuberculatus (Amaranthaceae).  PLoS One 15(9): e0238861
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Qiu, J., L. Jia, D. Wu, X. Weng, L. Chen, J. Sun, M. Chen, L. Mao, B. Jiang, C. Ye, G. Turra, L. Guo, G. Ye, Q.-H. Zhu, T. Imaizumi, B.-K. Song, L. Scarabel, A. Merotto Jr, K.M. Olsen, and L. Fan (2020). Diverse genetic mechanisms underlie worldwide convergent rice feralization.  Genome Biology 21: 70.  PDF   DOI : 10.1186/s13059-020-01980-x
Li, L.-F. and K.M. Olsen (2020).  Population Genomics of Weedy Crop Relatives: Insights from Weedy Rice.  In: Population Genomics: Crop PlantsOm P. Rajora (ed.). Springer Nature Switzerland AG.   PDF  DOI: 10.1007/13836_2020_77
Goad, D.M., Y. Jia, A. Gibbons, Y. Liu, D.R. Gealy, A.L. Caicedo, and K.M. Olsen (2020).  Identification of novel QTL conferring sheath blight resistance in two weedy rice mapping populations.  Rice 13:21. PDF
Xie, H., Y. Han, X. Li, W. Dai, X. Song, K.M. Olsen, and S. Qiang (2020). Climate-dependent variation in cold tolerance of weedy rice and rice mediated by OsICE1 promoter methylation.  Molecular Ecology 29: 121-137. PDF


Zheng, X.-M., J. Chen, H. Pang, S. Liu, J. Wang , W. Qiao, H. Wang, J. Liu, K. M. Olsen, and Q.Yang (2019). Genome-wide analyses reveal the role of non-coding variation in complex traits during rice domestication. Science Advances 5:eaax3619. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax3619
Ye, C. , W. Tang, D. Wu, L. Jia, J. Qiu, M. Chen, L. Mao, F. Lin, H. Xu, X. Yu, Y. Lu, Y. Wang, K.M. Olsen, M. Timko, and L. Fan (2019). Genomic evidence of human selection on Vavilovian mimicry.  Nature Ecology & Evolution 3: 1474-1482.  PDF
Wedger, M.J., T. Pusadee, A.Wongtamee, and K.M. Olsen (2019). Discordant patterns of introgression suggest historical gene flow into Thai weedy rice from domesticated and wild relatives.  Journal of Heredity 110: 601–609. PDF      
Neik, T.-X., J.-Y. Chai, S.-Y. Tan, M. Sudo, Y. Cui, J. Jayaraj, S.-S. Teo, K.M. Olsen and B.K. Song (2019). When West meets East: the origins and spread of weedy rice between continental and island Southeast Asia.  G3 9: 2941-2950. PDF
Wedger, M.J., C.N. Topp, and K.M. Olsen (2019). Convergent evolution of root system architecture in two independently evolved lineages of weedy rice.  New Phytologist 223: 1031–1042.  PDF
Pusadee, T., A. Wongtamee, B. Rerkasem, K.M. Olsen, and S. Jamjod (2019).  Farmers drive genetic diversity of Thai purple rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces. Economic Botany 73: 76-85.  PDF
Vigueira, C.C., X.-S. Qi, , B.-K. Song, L.-F. Li, A.L. Caicedo, Y. Jia, and K.M. Olsen (2019). Call of the wild rice: Oryza rufipogon shapes weedy rice evolution in Southeast Asia. Evolutionary Applications 12: 93–104. PDF


Guo, L., J. Qiu, L.-F. Li, B. Lu, K. M. Olsen, and L. Fan (2018).  Genomic clues for crop-weed interactions and evolution.  Trends in Plant Science 12:1102-1115.  PDF.
Kooyers, N.J., B.H. Bakken, M.C. Ungerer, and K.M. Olsen (2018). Freeze-induced cyanide toxicity does not maintain the cyanogenesis polymorphism in white clover (Trifolium repens L.).  American Journal of Botany 105: 1-8. PDF
Huang, Z., S. Kelly, R. Matsuo, L.-F. Li , Y. Li , K. M. Olsen, Y. Jia, A.L. Caicedo (2018).  The role of standing variation in the evolution of weediness traits in South Asian weedy rice (Oryza spp.).  G3 8: 3679-3690. PDF
Brock, J.R., A.A. Dӧnmez, M.A. Beilstein, and K.M. Olsen (2018). Phylogenetics of Camelina Crantz. (Brassicaceae) and insights on the origin of gold-of-pleasure (Camelina sativa). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 127: 834-842.  PDF
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Waselkov, K.E., A. Boleda, and K.M. Olsen (2018).  A phylogeny of the genus Amaranthus (Amaranthaceae), based on several low-copy nuclear loci and chloroplast regions.  Systematic Botany 43: 439-458.  PDF
Khumto, S., T. Pusadee, K.M. Olsen, and S. Jamjod (2018). Genetic relationships between anther and stigma traits revealed by QTL analysis in two rice advanced-generation backcross populations.  Euphytica 214: 5. PDF
Olsen, K.M. and L.-F. Li (2018). Rooting for new sources of natural rubber. National Science Review 5: 89. PDF 


Zheng, X.-M., T. Gong, H.-L. Ou, D. Xue, W. Qiao, J. Wang, S. Liu, Q. Yang, and K.M. Olsen (2017). Genome-wide association study of rice grain width variation.  Genome 8: 1-8. PDF
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Cui, Y., B.K. Song, L.-F. Li, Y.-L. Li, Z. Huang, A.L. Caicedo, Y. Jia, and K.M. Olsen (2016). Little white lies: pericarp color provides insights into the origins and evolution of Southeast Asian weedy rice.  G3 6: 4105-4114.  PDF
Vigueira, C.C., L.L. Small, and K.M. Olsen (2016). Long-term balancing selection at the Phosphorus Starvation Tolerance 1 (PSTOL1) locus in wild, domesticated, and weedy rice (Oryza).  BMC Plant Biology 16:101. PDF
Muto C., R. Ishikawa, K.M. Olsen, K. Kawano, C. Bounphanousay, T. Matoh, and Y-I. Sato (2016). Genetic diversity of the wx flanking region in rice landraces in northern Laos. Breeding Science, 66: 580-590. PDF
Sudianto, E., T.-X. Neik, S.M. Tam, T. Chuah,  A.A. Idris, K.M. Olsen, and B.K. Song. (2016). Morphological diversity of Malaysian weedy rice (Oryza sativa) and its implications for weed management. Weed Science 64:501–512. PDF
Hokanson, K.E., N.C. Ellstrand, A.G.O. Nixon, H.P. Kulembeka, K.M. Olsen, and A. Raybould (2016). Risk assessment of gene flow from genetically engineered virus resistant cassava to wild relatives in Africa: An expert panel report.  Transgenic Research 25: 71-81. PDF
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Liu, Y., Y. Jia, D.R. Gealy, D.M. Goad, A.L. Caicedo, and K.M. Olsen (2016). Marker development for rice blast resistance gene Pi66(t) and application in the USDA rice mini-core collection.  Crop Science, 56: 1001-1008. PDF


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       (For the complete PNAS special issue, click here.)
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