Program Directors & Steering Committee

The Program Directors serve as co-chairs of the Steering Committee and must be full-time Washington University faculty members whose primary affiliation is with the PMB Program.  Only Program members who are full-time Washington University faculty are eligible to participate in the selection of Steering Committee members and selection of the Program Director(s).

The Steering Committee is responsible for advising program directors and establishing Program guidelines.  The Committee is composed of 4-6 faculty whose primary affiliations within DBBS are with the PMB Program.

PMB students select 1-2 representatives to the Steering Committee to provide feedback and suggestions from the students’ perspective.  At least one adjunct faculty member from a partner institution also serves as a representative to the Steering Committee.

The current PMB Steering Committee consists of:

Program Directors:  Petra Levin and Ram Dixit, Co-Directors

Program Steering Committee:  Bob Blankenship, Elizabeth Haswell,  Barbara Kunkel, Toni Kutchan (DDPSC), Himadri Pakrasi, Jim Umen (DDPSC)

Graduate student representatives to the Steering Committee:  Erica Thomas, Patricia Walker

The PMB Program Directors and Steering Committee advise each new student.  The program directors provide guidance concerning course work and lab rotations and are responsible for overseeing program requirements.  Once the student has chosen a laboratory in which to do thesis research and passed their Qualifying Examination, a thesis advisory committee is formed and assumes primary responsibility for monitoring the student's progress towards graduation.  The Steering Committee monitors written reports of the thesis committees and to ensure that students schedule meetings with their advisory committees at appropriate intervals, not to exceed one year.