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Legal Studies Minor - an interdisciplinary academic program designed to guide students towards courses that will deepen and expand their understanding of the law and its influence on social and economic institutions.

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APSA Foundations

The International Conference for the Study of Political Thought (CSPT) is an international, interdisciplinary organization of scholars and informed citizens concerned to promote the study of past and present political thinking especially with respect to the proper ends of political activity and the means permissible for their attainment. Founded in Toronto in 1967 by J.G.A. Pocock (The Johns Hopkins Univeristy), Melvin Richter (CUNY), and Neal Wood (York), the CSPT is now composed of a world-wide network of affiliated groups and scholarly organizations.

European Society for the History of Political Thought


Political Theory

Journal of Political Philosophy

Philosophy and Public Affairs


The Good Society (PEGS)

European Journal of Political Theory