The core of the undergraduate program in Political and Social Theory is constituted by the History of Political Thought Sequence (POLS 391, 392, and 393). Undergraduates pursuing a subfield concentration in political theory are strongly encouraged to enroll in these classes. 

Numerous other advanced political theory courses are offered as well, including: Theories of Social Justice (POLS 331); Social and Political Philosophy (Phil 3400); Power, Justice, and the City (POLS 389A); Politics of Religious and Social Pluralism (POLS 405); and Global Justice (POLS 4070). Political Science majors completing three or more advanced courses in Political and Social Theory for a quality grade will be awarded a subfield concentration on their transcript. For more information, please visit the Political Science Department website. 


The doctoral program in political science at Washington University is one of the top programs in the country.  Graduate students take classes and engage in research with a faculty recognized nationally and internationally as among the most expert, active, and productive in the country. For details, please visit the Political Science Department website.