Scientific Program

Scientific Programs: (pdf) updated 5-21-2013

Program Organized into 3 major tracks:

Solar Energy Capture & Conversion      Environment Adaptation & Climage Change     BioEnergy & Food

Track 1 - Photosynthesis: "Solar Energy Capture and Conversion"

This track will include topics from antenna processes, reaction centers, water oxidation, intermediate electron transport, ATP formation, CO2 fixation through to PGA formation (i.e., everything that happens in the chloroplast or in bacteria in terms of solar energy transduction).

Plenary Talk Topics:

  1. Excitation energy transfer

    Rienk van Grondelle – VU University, Amsterdam

  2. Reaction center/light harvesting 
    Neil Hunter – University of Sheffield

  3. PS II & Oxygen evolution
    Jian-Ren Shen – Okayama University

  4. Genomic biology of photosynthesis
    Sabeeha Merchant – University of California, Los Angeles

  5. Photosystem structure
    Petra Fromme – Arizona State University

Symposium Topics

  1. Light harvesting
    Herbert van Amerongen - Wageningen University - Chair
    Zhenfeng Liu - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
    Roberta Croce - VU University, Amsterdam
    Alexandra Olaya-Castro - University College, London
    Yang Zhao - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2. Water oxidation
    Holger Dau - Freie University, Berlin - Chair
    Nicholas Cox - Max Planck Institute, Mulheim
    Per Siegbahn - University of Stockholm
    Alain Boussac - CEN Saclay
    Junko Yano - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  3. Reaction center function
    Kevin Redding - Arizona State University - Chair
    Chris Kirmaier - Washington University in St. Louis
    Laszlo Kalman - Concorida University
    John Golbeck - Penn State University
    Vladimir Shuvalov - Belozersky Institute
  4. Electron and proton transfer
    Leif Hammarstrom - Uppsala University
    Fabrice Rappaport - CNRS
    Artur Osyczka - Jagiellonian University
    Rob Rurnap - Oklahoma State University
    Giovanni Finazzi - CEA Grenoble
  5. Membrane dynamics
    Helmut Kirchhoff - Washington State University - Chair
    Egbert Boekema – University of Groningen
    Conrad Mullineaux - Queen Mary Univeristy of London
    Robert Niederman - Rutgers University
    Andreas Weber – University of Dusseldorf
  6. Chloroplast development
    Lixin Zhang - Chinese Academy of Sciences - Chair
    Kathy Osteryoung - Michigan State University
    Danny Schnell - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Mark Schottler - Max Planck Inst. of Molecular Plant Physiology
    Michael Hippler - University of Munster
  7. Carotenoids
    Harry Frank - University of Connecticut - Chair
    Tomáš  Polivka – University of South Bohemia
    Luca Dall'Osto - University of Verona
    Diana Kirilovsky - CEN, Saclay
    Manuel Rodriguez Concepcion - University of Barcelona

Track 2: "Environment, Adaptation and Climate Change"

This track will include leaf level processes including gas exchange, stomatal function, all
transport outside of the chloroplast, canopy processes, ecosystem process, global photosynthesis and all aspects of impacts of global change on photosynthesis.

Plenary Talk Topics:

  1. Global Photosynthesis: past, present, future
    David Beerling - The University of Sheffield
  2. Photosynthesis, respiration, and organelle communicationfuture
    Christine Foyer - Univsersity of Leeds
  3. Oxygenation and photorespiration
    Veronica Maurino - Heinrich-Heine University
  4. Evolutionary adaptation of photosynthetic types to the environment
    Erika Edwards - Brown University
  5. Photosynthesis in the marine environment
    Gabrielle Rocap - University of Washington

Symposium Topics

  1. Carbon for water: CO2 diffusion and the role of stomata
    Kieth Mott - Utah State University - Chair
    Jenny McElwain - University College Dublin
    Mike Blatt - University of Glasgow
    Tim Brodribb - University of Tasmania
    Asaph Cousins - Washington State University
  2. Regulation of the C3 carbon reduction cycle
    Ron Milo - Weizmann Institute - Chair
    Amane Makino - Tohoku University
    Mike Salvucci - US Department of Agriculture
    David Stern - Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
    Francesca Sparla - Univ of Bologna
  3. Photoassimilate use: transport and partitioning
    Dan Bush - Colorado State University - Chair
    Michael Knoblauch - Washington State University
    John Ward - University of Minnesota
    Mechthild Tegeder - Washington State University
    Christina Kuhn - von Humboldt University
  4. C4/CAM and CO2 concentration mechanisms
    Rowan Sage - University of Toronto - Chair
    Sarah Covshoff - University of Cambridge
    James Hartwell - University of Liverpool
    Robert Sharwood - University of Western Sydney
    Nerea Ubierna - Australian National University, Canberra
  5. Photosynthetic processes at larger scales
    Russ Monson - University of Arizona - Chair
    Dennis D. Baldocchi - University of California, Berkeley
    Ulli Seibt - University of California, Los Angeles
    Carl Bernacchi - University of Illinois
    Joe Berry - Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford
  6. Photosynthesis in a changing global environment
    Lisa Ainworth - University of Illinois - Chair
    Joy Ward - University of Kansas
    Nate McDowell - Los Alamos National Laboratory
    Toshi Hasegawa - National Institute of Agroenvironmental Science, Tsukuba
    Jeff Dukes - Purdue University

Track 3: "BioEnergy and Food"

This track will include all aspects of photosynthesis as it pertains to bioenergy including plants, algae, and biomimicry and other artificial systems that have photosynthetic relevance. Carbon cycling issues, feedbacks on climate change and other large scale issues associated with bioenergy and biofuels will also belong here, as will topics related to improving the efficiency of photosynthesis.

Plenary Talks

  1. Sustainable Supply of Food for 2050
    Rob Horsh - Gates Foundation
  2. Sustainable Supply of Energy for 2050
    John Pierce - BP London
  3. Food vs. Fuel: Facts, Fiction, and Future
    Jeremy Woods - Imperial College, London
  4. Artificial Systems for Bioenergy
    Lee Cronin - University of Glasgow
  5. Mechanism of Stomata Sensing
    Julian Schroeder - University of California, San Deigo

Symposium Topics

  1. Photosynthesis and bioenergy
    Roger Prince - EXXON-Mobil - Chair
    Jennifer Cunniff - Rothamsted Research
    Sarah Davis - University of Ohio
    Christoph Benning - Michigan State University
    Amanda Pereira de Souza - Univeristy of Sao Paulo
  2. Carbon cycling impacts of agriculture
    Evan DeLucia - University of Illinois - Chair
    Andy Suyker - University of Nebraska
    Gail Taylor- University of Southhampton
    Roser Matmala - Argonne National Lab
    Marcelo Galdos - INPE Brazil
  3.  Increasing crop photosynthesis to address global food security
    Steve Long - University of Illinois - Chair
    Paul Quick - International Rice Research Institute
    Kris Niyogi - University of California, Berkeley
    Martin Parry - Rothamsted Research
    Xinguang Zhu - Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
  4. Photosynthetic phenomics
    Dave Kramer - Michigan State University - Chair
    Jeremy Harbinson - Wageningen University
    Bob Furbank - Australian National University
    Tracy Lawson - University of Essex
    Phil Townsend - University of Wisconsin
  5. Biomimicry of photosynthesis for energy
    Anne Jones - Arizona State University
    Ally Aukauloo - University of Paris, Orsay
    Gary Moore - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Tom Moore - Arizona State University
    Ronald Koder - City College of New York
  6. Learning from CO2 concentrating mechanisms for increasing productivity
    Howard Griffiths - University of Cambridge - Chair
    Bernard Genty - CNRS/CEA, Cadarache
    Dean Price - Australian National University
    James Moroney - Lousiana State University
    Jaume Flexas - Universitat de les Illes Baliears
  7. Addressing inefficiencies of Rubisco and photorespiration
    Spencer Whitney - Australian National University - Chair
    Bob Spreitzer - University of Nebraska
    Martha Ludwig - University of Western Australia
    Martin Hagemann - University of Rostock
    Manajit Hayer-Hartl - Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsreid

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