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The SAIE lab is engaged in a number of projects that bridge anthropology, archaeology, environmental studies, and Geographic Information Science (GIS). Our work ranges across the globe from Gabon to Tunisia to Ukraine and Uzbekistan and explores an array of topics, including primate ecology, landscape archaeology, landcover change, ecological sustainability, and much more. Our lab specialists utilize GIS and other spatial technologies to map, interpret, and explore questions that cross-cut a variety of disciplines, offering opportunities for comprehensive research on multi-faceted issues. Click the links below to learn more about our existing research endeavors.



  1. Settlement Excavations @ Begash
  2. Burial Excavations @ Begash
  3. Settlement Excavations @ Mukri
  4. Burial Excavations @ Kyzyl-Tas


  1. Koksu River Valley Survey
  2. Ush-Kara Survey
  3. Rock Art Survey
  4. Zaamin Mountains Survey
  5. Jerba Survey


  1. Zooarchaeology Analysis in Kazakhstan
  2. Paleoethnobotany Analysis in Kazakhstan
  3. Human Bioarchaeology Analysis

Geographic Info Systems (GIS):

  1. Pastoralist Settlement Ecology
  2. Pastoralist/environmental Mapping in Zaamin


Climate & Ecology:

Environmental models:

  1. Paleoethnobotany Modeling in Kazakhstan
  2. Zooarchaeology Modeling in Kazakhstan
  3. Climate Simulations in Eurasian Grasslands

Human ecology:

  1. Catastrophic Coastline Change in Nias
  2. Pastoralist Settlement Ecology in Kazakhstan
  3. Pastoralist/environmental Mapping in Zaamin