Arts & Sciences offers faculty conducting interdisciplinary scientific research a variety of resources to assist with grant preparation. For further information, please contact:

Crystal Gammon
Grants & Science Writer
Arts & Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

Office: Scott Rudolph Hall, 334


Grant Preparation Services

With at least one month's notice:

  • Overall proposal structure/outline
  • Figure design and production
  • Writing (literature review, abstract, etc., as PI sees fit)
  • Top edits (restructuring sections/paragraphs to improve flow, if necessary)
  • Line edits and copyediting
  • Organizing references
  • Collating supplementary information


With two weeks' notice:

  • Figure design and production
  • Line edits and copyediting
  • Organizing references


With one week's notice or less:

  • Line edits and copyediting
  • Figures, depending on complexity and availability

In all cases, PIs should try to be in touch with Crystal one to two weeks beforehand to check availability.



  • Multi-PI, interdisciplinary grants
  • Interdisciplinary/inter-departmental grants with fewer PIs
  • Multi-PI, single-department grants
  • Customized funding opportunity searches and consultations

When possible, priority will be given to junior faculty working to build research programs.

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