Why go with WashU?

1. It’s hot, but not as humid as the Midwest.

2. Lots of people there speak better French than you: you really will learn from them.

3. The music is brilliant.

4. Senegal is a stable West African democracy, with peaceful transfers of power exemplary in the developing world.

5. You can get an introduction to Africa without the commitment of a semester-long program.

6. Dakar is no further from New York than Paris.

7. The food is excellent and perfectly safe, with only common-sense precautions.

8. You will meet people who really are not just like you, and some of them will become your friends.

9. Senegal has very successful public health programs.

10. Dean Diallo, an American who knows Senegal well, will be there.

11. Did we mention the music?

12. You get to propose a research project.

13. Um, the Senegalese?

14. It costs no more than Wash U’s other summer programs.