Beyond Academia

Traci Dant Johnson

M.F.A. in Writing
Degree Conferred: 2000

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Position: Chief Editor; Scholastic Testing Service, Inc.

Khara Coleman Washington

Juris Doctoris
Degree Conferred: 2003

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Position: Assistant Attorney General; Office of the Illinois Attorney General

Gregg Belle

Ph.D. in Psychology
Degree Conferred: 2001

Hometown: Sharon, Massachusetts
Position: Forensic Psychologist; Bridgewater State Hospital

Tonya Conley

Juris Doctoris
Degree Conferred: 2004

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas
Position: General Attorney; Union Pacific Railroad

N'Goundo Magassa

Ph.D. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences - Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis
Degree Conferred: 2010

Hometown: New York, New York
Position: Technology Transfer Trainee; Washington University in St. Louis

Tenira Townsend

A.M. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences
Degree Conferred: 2015

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Position: Scientist, Sigma-Aldrich

B.S.: Oakland University

Allison Watts-Hinkamper

Ph.D. in Psychology
Degree Conferred: 2004

Hometown: Sugarland, Texas
Position: Human Resources Professional; Interim Impact

Andris Alexander

Juris Doctoris
Degree Conferred: 2009

Hometown: Grenidad, West Indies

Jenner Joseph

D.Sc. in Electrical and Systems Engineering
Degree Conferred: 2006

Hometown: Dominica, West Indies
Position: Researcher; St. Joseph's Medical Center

B.S.: Midwestern State
D.Sc.: Wash U, 2006 (Electrical and Systems Eng.)