Former members

Ankita Nallani

Undergraduate, 2013
• Physician Facilitator, Total Access Urgent Care

Ang (Tony) Xu

Undergraduate, HHMI-SURF Scholar, MARC-uSTAR Scholar, 2012-2014
• Medical Student, Baylor College of Medicine

Westfall CS, Xu A, Jez JM (2014) Structural evolution of differential amino acid effector regulation in plant chorismate mutases.  J Biol Chem 289, 28619-28

David Nathin

Undergraduate, 2012-2013

Herrmann J, Nathin DLee SG,

Margie Gomez

Undergraduate, Summer Scholar in Biology & Biomedical Research, 2012

Ron Nwumeh

Undergraduate, Summer Scholar in Biology & Biomedical Research, uSTAR Summer Scholar, HHMI-EXROP Scholar (Cech Lab), United Negro College Fund-Merck Science Fellow; 2012-2016
• Medical Student, University of Pennsylvania

McClerklin*, Lee SG*, Harper CP, Nwumeh R, Jez JM, Kunkel BN (2018) Indole-3-acetylaldehyde dehydrogenase-dependent auxin synthesis contributes to virulence in Pseudomonas syringae strain DC3000.

Ian Swenson

Undergraduate, 2012-2013
• Clinical Research Assistant, Washington University

Jonathan Wignes

Undergraduate, 2009
• Graduate Student, Plant Biology, University of Adelaide, Australia

Wignes JA, Goldman JW, Weihl CC, Bartley MG, Andley UP (2013) p62 expression and autophagy in alphaB-crystallin R120G mutant knock-in mouse model of hereditary cataract.  Exp Eye Res 115, 263-73

Will Musgrave

Undergraduate, NSF REU Intern, 2010-2011
• Medical Student, University of Texas - Southwestern

Musgrave WB, Yi H, Kline D, Cameron JC, Wignes J, Dey S, Pakrasi HB, Jez JM (2013) Probing the origins of glutathione biosynthesis through biochemical analysis of glutamate-cysteine ligase and glutathione synthetase from a model p

Akina Nagata

Undergraduate, HHMI-SURF (Knox College), 2009
• Graduate Student, Immunology & Microbiology Program, Shinshu University, Japan

Lee SG, Kim YC, Alpert TD, Nagata A, Jez JM (2012) Structure and reaction mechanism of phosphoethanolamine methyltransferase from the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum - an anti-parastic drug target.

Matt Juergens

Undergraduate, NSF-REU Intern (Webster U.), ASPB-SURF Scholar, 2007-2011
• Graduate Student, Shachar-Hill Lab, Plant Biology Program, Michigan State University
• USDA-NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow, Umen & Allen Labs, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
• Analytical Chemist, Monsanto

Yi H, Juergens M, Jez JM (2012) Structure of soybean beta-cyanoalanine synthase and the molecular basis for cyanide detoxification in plants.  Plant Cell 24, 2696-706