Graduate Students

Ritesh Mehta

Visiting Graduate Student, 2008-2009

M.A., University of Missouri St. Louis - in progress
B. Sc., University of Pennsylvania

Angela Schlegel

Rotation Student - Plant & Microbial Biosciences Program, 2013
• PhD candidate - Haswell Lab, Olin Fellow for Women in Graduate Study, William H Danforth Plant Sciences Fellow, NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

Kimberley V. Sukhum

PhD Student
Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology

Kim is studying evolutionary change in brain size, its mechanistic basis, its energetic costs, and its adaptive significance.

Elizabeth Frick

Graduate Student, Plant Biology Program
NIFA-AFRI Graduate Research Fellow
Catherine M. Lineman Scholar


Project:  Mechanisms of auxin biosynthesis


Albert Kang

Graduate Student
Educational Background



Matt Tso

Graduate Student Neuroscience Program

I received my B.S. From the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  My research aims to understand the role of astrocytes in circadian biology.