Lab Managers

Jean M. Vettel

Lab Manager: 2001-2004

Jean was the laboratory manager for the lab from the Fall of 2001 until the Summer of 2004.

Taylor Beck

Lab Manager: 2010-2011

B.A. Princeton University ’07

Taylor was the lab manager and research assistant in Dr. Zacks’ Lab from 2010 to 2011.

Nayiri Haroutunian

Lab Manager: 2008-2010

B.S. Psychology - University of Iowa, 2008

Nayiri was the Research Assistant/Lab Manager in Dr. Zacks’ Lab from 2008 to 2010. She is now a graduate student at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor studying Environmental Education.

Sargent Shriver

Lab Manager: 2007-2008

B.S., B.A. University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2007

Sargent was a research assistant and the lab manager. He left the DCL to join the Cognitive Evolution Lab at Harvard University.

Corey Maley

Lab Manager: 2005-2007

B.S., B.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005

Becky Hedden

Lab Manager: 2004-2005

B.A. Kenyon College, 2003

Becky was the lab manager, and a research assistant.

Margaret Sheridan

Lab Manager: 1999-2001

B.A. University of Michigan, 1999

Margaret was the research assistant for the lab from Fall 1999 to Summer 2001. She entered graduate school at Berkeley in Fall of 2001.

Shaney Flores

Lab Manager: 2011-2016

B.S. Psychology
- University of Texas-Pan American, 2011