April 9, 2019

NSF Graduate Fellowship

Congratulations to PMB student Kiona Elliott (Bart lab) on her NSF-GRF!  Also, Kate Harline, a former undergrad in the Jez lab and now a plant biology grad student at Cornell, received an NSF fellowship.

April 4, 2019

PCH1 and Phytochrome Phytobodies

Maria Sorkin (Nusinow lab, DDPSC) is a co-author

Huang H, McLoughlin KE, Sorkin ML, Burgie ES, Bindbeutel RK, Vierstra RD, Nusinow DA (2019) PCH1 regulates light, temperature, and circadian signaling as a structural component of phytochrome B photobodies in Arabidopsis.

March 19, 2019

Tidying Up Cells

A new Cell paper from the Vierstra lab

Marshall RS, Hua Z, Mali S, McLoughlin F, Vierstra RD (2019) ATG8-binding UIM proteins define a new class of autophagy adaptors and receptors.  Cell 177, 766-81

February 12, 2019

DiversifyPlantSci made it into Science!

“Just last week, a group of plant scientists started a new database for women, members of underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups, people who identify as LGBTQ, and people with disabilities."