Research Assistants

Nathaniel (Nate) Diede, PhD

Nate earned his PhD in 2018. His dissertation was entitled: Mind Wandering in Old Age: Lack of Thoughts or Lack of Resources.

B. Hunter Ball, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Texas: Arlington

Funded by an NIA Training Grant, Hunter was a post-doc in the Cognitive Control and Aging Lab from 2015 to 2018.

Rebecca Jewell

Research Assistant

Rebecca received her BA in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and her MS in human development and family science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She plans to continue to do research, and pursue a PhD in psychology.

Magda Lijowska

Magda is a sophomore pursuing Psychological & Brain Sciences and Spanish, with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Justin Lerner

Research Assistant: 2002-2003

Undergraduate in Psychology

Justin worked on studies that investigated the effect of stimulus on the response time profile of mental spatial transformations.

Angela Haas

Research Assistant: 2001-2003

B.A. Saint Louis University, 1999

Jason Gwinn

Research Assistant: Spring 2004

Psychology, Class of 2005

Richard Zernickow

Research Assistant: 2003-2004

Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2007

Rahal Kahanda

Research Assistant: 2003-2004

Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2006

Ty Fagan

Part-time Research Assistant: Spring 2005

Ty was a member of the lab during the spring of 2005. He worked with Jeff on a meta-analysis examining the quantitative results of neuroimaging studies of mental rotation and specific brain sites that are reliably involved in mental rotation.