Undergraduate Research Assistants

Sophia Borgeest

2014 - 2015

White Matter Integrity Predicts Verbal Fluency and Delayed Recall in Healthy Children.

Cara Levitch

Executive abilities in children with phenylketonuria

Current Position: Neuropsychology Extern at Weill Cornell Medicine

Shawn Christ

Effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on short-term memory in children

Current Position: Associate Professor at the University of Missouri

Melody Brenneisen

Executive abilities in children with disorders affecting the prefrontal cortex and associated white matter tracks

Lauren Miller

Executive abilities in children with phenylketonuria, sickle cell disease, and traumatic brain injury

Mark Reddish

Verbal fluency in patients with stroke

Current Position: Senior Counsel and Manager of Government Relations at APCO International

Andrea Young

Effects of video games on learning in children

Current Position: Assisant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at John Hopkins Medicine School

Jennifer Bickel

Organizational strategies in word list recall across the lifespan