Undergraduate Researchers

Nancy Yang

Nancy is a sophomore studying cognitive neuroscience and biology. She is interested in researching prospective memory and how it is affected by aging and plans to go to med school after she graduates.

Shufang Tan

A bio psych double major, a human who hopes to better understand human beings.

Christina Rao

I am majoring in Psychology and hope to one day be a doctor. I am very excited about the studies relating to mind wandering that this lab is conducting. A fun fact about me is I've met Lebron James (and he wasn't very nice). 

Yujin Seo

I am a junior majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Political Science with a minor in History. I am interested in the relationship between cognitive control and bilingual language processing.

Natasha Frontera

Hi I’m Natasha and I’m a sophomore in the school of Arts and Sciences. I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Troy Kincaid

Undergraduate Researcher

Troy grew up in Lindenhurst, Illinois and is currently a senior at Washington University. He is pursuing a degree in both Chemistry and Spanish and is a member of the varsity football team as well as Emergency Support Team (EST).

Mary Danielson

Undergraduate Researcher

Mary grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and is currently in her fourth year at WashU as an undergrad. She’s a double major studying Creative Writing and Chemistry.