2018 Honorees

Legacy Award     Association of Black Students   


Established in 1968, the Association of Black Student (ABS) is a student organization concerned with the well-being of Black students on campus in the St. Louis area and worldwide. With the Black Manifesto of 1968, Black leaders presented Washington University leadership with a list of expectations for supporting Black students at WashU.                                              

Alumni Award    Organizers of the 1968 Brookings Occupation

After a confrontation between campus police officers and a black student, Elbert A. Walton (MBA, 1970), on December 15, 1968, the Association of Black Collegians organized a protest and sit-in against the violence and marginalization of black students. The students, let by Robert C. Johnson (PhD, 1976), delivered to then Chancellor Thomas H. Eliot the Black Manifesto of 1968 document which articulated ten demands including an increase in black student enrollment, better treatment of black students on campus, and the creation of a Black Studies program.

Alfreda Brown Staff Award    Rochelle Smith

As assistant provost, Rochelle Smith supports faculty and student diversity recruitment in all STEM areas and leads the Washington University Diversity Pipeline Consortium-STEM. Smith also directs the university's partnership with Leadership Alliance, a consortium of higher education institutions that encourage and mentor underrepresented students to pursue graduate school and research careers.

Outstanding Black Faculty Award    Douglas Flowe

Douglas J. Flowe received his doctorate in American History from the University of Rochester and is an assistant professor of history at Washington University in St. Louis. His work is primarily concerned with themes of criminality, vice, leisure, and masculinity, and how they converge with issues of race, class, and space in American cities.


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