April 20, 2015

Retrospective: Some 2014 Photos

What follows are highlights from the Paris portion of the exchange, January 2014.  To the right is a photo taken from within the building that houses the LIER social lab of EHESS.  This building is also home to the former residence of Auguste Comte, which one passes on their angular ascent.   



(Thomas Huet and Oguz Alyanak; not pictured: Carolyn Powers; at the Sorbonne)

Thomas, from LIER at EHESS, who participated in the exchange in the year 2012-2013, snuck Oguz and Carolyn into the Sorbonne, to gaze upon the ornate wood, impressive art and architecture.

One of the routes on the daily walk to EHESS's LIER laboratory invovled passing the College de France, and the Square of Michel Foucault.  

(Thomas Huet, Oguz Alyanak, Josien Arts, Clotilde Riotor; not pictured: Carolyn Powers, Mischa Dekker, Heloise Pilayre)

After a long day of studying, a night of cheeses, meats, juice, wine and french techno music at Clotilde's (EHESS/LIER) Paris apartment.

(Oguz Alyanak, Thijs van Dooremalen and Thomas Huet.)

Perfect spring morning to walk to an institutions conference--Au Jardin du Luxembourg.