This blog is a place for the Arts & Sciences Communications team interns to share their thoughts and experiences as students.

What is Arts & Sciences?

Fast Facts about Arts & Sciences:23 Departments
12 Programs
8  Centers
600+ Faculty
4000+ Undergraduates
1800+ Graduate Students
1200+ Evening Students

The School of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis comprises the core disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and includes departments ranging from English and Mathematics, to Political Science and Anthropology. In addition to departments of international renown, our programs and research centers create platforms for faculty and students to collaborate across the traditional academic subject areas, with productive interdisciplinary initiatives such as Environmental Studies and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology.

The mission of Arts & Sciences is to be a leading center for teaching, learning, and research, extending the reach and effect of a liberal arts education while promoting excellence in scholarship and research.