January 28, 2016

Welcome Back, WashU!

Anna Belle Hoots

After a relaxing winter break in Florida followed by the craziness of recruitment, it’s good to (almost) be back in the swing of things for my third-to-last semester at school. Despite my semester away from blogging, I am excited to take up where I left off and continue to share personal experiences about my life as an ArtSci student.

As a brief recap, my name is Anna Belle Hoots and I am a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences. I am originally from Mequon, Wisconsin, but St. Louis has quickly become my home away from home thanks to the amiable community, amazing food (Pastaria!), and warmer-than-Wisconsin temperature. As an English Literature major and a Legal Studies minor, I have spent a large portion of my college career reading, researching, and writing my way towards graduation and, hopefully, law school! Beyond academics, I am a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and am also part of the WashU Symphony Orchestra.

This semester, I’m taking a mix of English, Spanish, Music, and Legal Studies classes, piquing all my areas of interest. In addition, I am starting to prepare for the LSAT which I am scheduled to take this summer, so I’m anxious to see how it will unfold.

Overall, I am looking forward to an amazing semester! Stay tuned for weekly blog posts about everything ranging from life on campus to personal anecdotes and more. Feel free to post any questions you may have and I will answer them to the best of my ability.