December 5, 2014

For the Fame

Choreographed by David Marchant

Exploring the darker side of the PAD season theme, "American Dream/American Nightmare," For the Fame, choreographed by David Marchant, is a theatrically satirical interrogation of the apparent American appetite for gun violence as entertainment. 

Music: Lady Gaga, "The Fame" (written by Lady Gaga & Kierszenbaum); “Voice Message Recordings” by the cast; Additional sound effects and remix by David Marchant

Video projections: Oliver Krengel & David Marchant

Premiere Date: December 5, 2014

Rehearsal Assistant: Cassandra Mitchell
Costume Designer: Lindsay Eisold
Lighting Designer K. Owens
Dramaturg: Paige McGinley

Dancers: Gabby Bleich, Hannah Brodke, Emily Duggins, David Dwight, Rhea Eubanks, Ismael Fofana, Savannah Jacobson, Oliver Krengel, Deborah Li, Kiri Maasen, Marina Mai, Cassandra Mitchell, Savannah Rodriguez, Rose Shapiro, Ana Paula Shelley, Moya Shpuntoff, Aja Welch

Program Note: The process of making this dance became a way for the cast and me to process our personal responses, and think critically about the phenomenon of mass violence, our cultural relationship to fictional media representations and news coverage of violent acts. Our dramaturgy included review of research of effects of exposure to violent media, and texts on mass violence as “performative” behavior. To trace some of our sources, visit our WUDT webpage at:

Acknowledgments:I’d like to acknowledge the instrumental role the cast played in the process of making this dance, from discussions about media and real violence, to collaboratively making decisions about content and composition of this work. Thank you Rose Shapiro for creating additional dance material, Cassie Mitchell for assisting with rehearsal, and Oliver Krengel for making the video. Thanks to Paige McGinley for bringing a performance studies lens and moderating our discussion, as well as Jeff Zacks for providing research on the effect of film violence on the brain.

Background Research Sources and related Links:

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"More gun violence in top PG-13 movies that in biggest R-rated films," online Annenberg Public Policy Center, November 2013

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