December 1, 2016

Home Leaving

Improvised composition directed by: David Marchant

"Home Leaving" is a fully improvised composition: there is no "set" movement or score for the dancers to rely on-- only the skill and presence of their bodies and minds, spontaneously relating in movement.  In this dance we explore the dynamic, unpredictable relationships between people we live with, and also the "familiar" bond we form with the place we live.

To us, improvisation became the most authentic process with which to explore and artistically represent the theme of this work.  Like real life, in every performance the dancers enter without knowing what will happen today.

Dance: Home Leaving

Premiere Date: 2016

Improvised composition directed by:  David Marchant
Music:  Rachel’s - Technology is Killing Music (Album)
Costume Coordinator:  Sallie Durbin
Lighting Designer:  Adam Kern
Set Designer:  Sydney Shafer

Spontaneously composed/performed by:  Rose Shapiro, Mariko Kumanomido,
Emily Duggins, Julia Osteen, Lydia Reader

Acknowledgements:  We would like to thank Emily Frei for assistance with furniture.

December 2 & 3 at 8pm

December 4 at 2pm
Edison Theatre

Click HERE for tickets or call (314) 935-6543