December 1, 2016

Des Poèmes de Prévert

Choreographed by Dawn Karlovsky

Des Poèmes de Prévert is inspired by the writings of Jacques Prévert, French poet and screenwriter (1900-1977). These poems reflect the hardships, struggles, political influences, and the anticipated hopefulness of the people of France during the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Dance: Des Poèmes de Prévert

Premiere Date: 2016

Choreographer:  Dawn Karlovsky

Music: Sound effects- Box Plant, Frederic Nevchehirlian’s version of Jacques Prévert’s poems, Travailleurs, attention and Le Soleil Brille Pour Tout Le Monde  
Costume Designers:  Costumes courtesy of Karlovsky & Company Dance and additional assemblage by Bonnie Kruger
Lighting Designer:  Yin Li

Dancers: Ariadne Bazigos, Brenda Chen, Emily Duggins, Emma Eichler,
Louisa Judge, Annabel Lassally, Gabrielle Samuel

WUDT: PastForward
November 30 & December 1 at 8pm

December 2 at 2pm
Edison Theatre

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