December 1, 2016

Tribal Dreams

Choreographed by Cecil Slaughter & Dancers

This work is an abstract dance about the rite of passage for a young man, from one fixed point in a social structure to another.

Dance: Tribal Dreams

Premiere Date: 2016

Choreographer: Cecil Slaughter and Dancers
Music:  Savage Aural Hotbed; Dead Blow, R-Bar Imbau, Drowning in the City of Lakes, Fortnight in Londrina
Costume Designer:  Cecil Slaughter
Lighting Designer:  Adam Kern
Make-Up Design: Bonnie Kruger

Dancers:  Jessie Bogdan, Rachel Brough, Brenda Chen, Margot Dupuis, Ethan Evans, Gina Gottlob, Anaya Johnson, Ali Michel, Sydney Rabin, India Shelley, Lauren Slaughter, Kayla Steinberg, Jake Wallack



WUDT: PastForward
November 30 & December 1 at 8pm

December 2 at 2pm
Edison Theatre

Click HERE for tickets or call (314) 935-6543