December 1, 2016

Two, and Only Two

Choreographed by Christine Knoblauch-O’Neal

This work grew out of a duet in a dance I created last year for WUDT.  The duet always felt as if there was something more to investigate, to look into, and so I chose to do just that.  The duet has grown into three duets each revealing a part of this pairing, this relationship, and together create, not necessarily a whole, but a journey through the interior of what makes the relationship impossible and what makes it possible.

Dance: Two and Only Two

Premiere Date: 2016

Choreographer:  Christine Knoblauch-O’Neal
Music:  Section 1. Philip Glass; Violin Concerto No. 2 Prologue, Section II. Shawn Livingston, Balancing the Qi, Volume 1 Shenman “Spirit Gateway,” Section III. Paul Hindemith; Five Pieces for String Orchestra, Op. 44, No. 42, Langsam
Costume Designer:  Bonnie Kruger
Lighting Designer:  Yin Li
Dancers: Emily Haussler, Joe Foster

WUDT: PastForward
November 30 & December 1 at 8pm

December 2 at 2pm
Edison Theatre

Click HERE for tickets or call (314) 935-6543