Washington University Delegation

"What students say about climate change", by Diana Lutz

Read this article from Washington University's The Source about last year's student delegates.

Washington University's Involvement  in the Negotiations

In 2011, at the behest of Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment (WUSICE), an undergraduate student group, Washington University aplied for and was granted admission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a representative non-governmental observer organization.  Since then, Washington University has sent official observer delegates to attend Conference of the Party (COP), ADP and intersessional meetings.   Washington University and its associated delegates are members of the Research Institution Non-Governmental Organizations (RINGO) constituency.   The constituency groups consist of non-governmental organizations that are admitted as observers at sessions of the Conference, and function as a way for the secretariat and stakeholders to maintain communication and interactions. Two faculty members, Beth Martin and Anu Hittle, attend the negotiations with the student delegates each year.

To learn more about the Wash U faculty and students in the delegations over the years, click on a delegation in the right side bar.

To learn about how you can apply to be a part of a future Washington University Delegation, visit the website for the student group Washington University Students for International Collaboration on the Environment (WUSICE), wusice.wustl.edu